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Nancy is a queer show, and it is also a very personal one. Not only do co-hosts Kathy Tu and Tobin Low share their friendship with the audience, they also share very personal stories from their lives. From coming out with language barriers to a lifetime of body image issues, Kathy and Tobin don’t hold back. And neither do the characters and stories on the show. After more than 30 episodes of their podcast, Nancy has struck a delicate balance between creating a show that feels very authentically Kathy and Tobin while at the same time providing a platform for other voices and stories to also be authentically themselves. Nancy has been named among the best podcasts of the year by TIME magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, and The Guardian.

Track 1Session

10:15 10:55

Alison Winter(Head of Audiences, BBC, UK) and Aled Haydn-Jones, (Head of Programmes, BBC Radio 1, UK)

Alison Winter(Head of Audiences, BBC, UK) and Aled Haydn-Jones, (Head of Programmes, BBC Radio 1, UK)

In this joint session Alison Winter from BBC Audience Research will share the research that is shaping the strategy for the future of radio in the BBC. What does the data tell us about the way people are now consuming audio and radio? In a divergent media landscape, does radio still play a significant part in people’s lives? And how can the ‘number crunchers’ help programmers and producers create content that will engage and entertain radio audiences in the future? Head of Programmes Aled Haydn-Jones from BBC Radio 1 will then talk about, how BBC Radio is working with research in order to remain relevant to younger audiences and his view on the role of BBC Radio in an ever changing media landscape.

Track 2, Hall F2Session

10:15 10:55

Robert F. Potter(Professor and the Director, Institute for Communication Research at Indiana University, USA)

Professor Robert F. Potter is specialized in understanding how we, as listeners, unconsciously experience audio, music and radio, how we engage with audio, and our ability to remember what we hear. Using psychophysiology or social neuroscience, (the measurements of sweat, heart rhythms, fascial muscles and brainwaves) he will show you how he gets precise objective renderings of emotional engagement and attention to audio. Professor Potter will also help you make more effective radio messages, so your listeners can’t stop themselves from paying attention to your station.

Track 3, Hall NSession

10:15 10:55

Ralph Clemens Martin (Founder and CEO, EMIRAT, Germany)

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Aujard, C; Chany, E; Frayssinet, C


We have shown that extracts of liver from young Rats are less active, than extracts of liver from adult Rats , in inhibiting the multiplication of cells in culture. This inhibitory activity is at a minimum in livers taken from 10 to 15 days old Rats , which corresponds to the time of maximum increase in weight of the liver . The existence of an inverse relationship between the inhibitory activity of these extracts and the state of proliferation of the liver suggests that the inhibitory substance contained in the liver extracts may act as a regulator of growth of the organ.

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Raafat, Nermin; Abdel Aal, Sara M; Abdo, Fadia K; El Ghonaimy, Nabila M


Egypt has the highest prevalence of hepatitis C virus in the world with infection rate up to 60%, for which liver fibrosis or hepatic carcinoma is the final outcome. Stem cell therapy provides a new hope for hepatic repair instead of traditional treatment, liver transplantation, as it is safer, gives long term engraftment and avoid expensive immunosuppressive drugs and unexpected hazardous effects. This work aimed at determining the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in hepatic repair as a new line of therapy for liver fibrosis. 33 female albino rats were divided into three groups: Group I: 10 rats injected subcutaneously with olive oil, Group II: 13 rats injected with carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) and Group III: 10 rats injected with CCl4 then bone marrow derived MSC from male rats . Blood and liver tissue samples were taken from all rats for biochemical and histological study. Liver functions for group II rats showed significant deterioration in response to CCl4 in addition to significant histological changes in liver lobules and portal areas. Those parameters tend to be normal in MSC-treated group. Group III rats revealed normalized liver function and histological picture. Meanwhile, most of the pathological lesions were still detected in rats of second group. Undifferentiated MSCs have the ability to ameliorate CCl4 induced liver injury in albino rats in terms of liver functions and histological features. So, stem cell therapy can be considered clinically to offer a hope for patients suffering from liver fibrosis. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Baumbach said he knew he “wanted to do something about brothers” and that when he, Sandler, and Stiller had lunch to discuss the film during its earliest stages, “the only thing we came away with was that they should fight, that there should be a physical fight. That’s all we had. So I reverse engineered the movie from that.”

The fight ends up happening on a college campus that’s identified as Bard (the scene was actually filmed at Sarah Lawrence). Though it’s an explosion of sibling rivalry, it’s good and comical—as is much of the film. Throughout, the neuroses of the children clash against each other and against those of their father and their alcoholic, oblivious stepmother (Emma Thompson) in a way that propels Meyerowitz in the manner of a screwball comedy. Add to this, Randy Newman improvisedmuch of the score by playing piano along to an edit of the film, which makes things feel even more frenzied.

Baumbach said that he wanted the film to “have the energy of a His Girl Friday ,” and cited the comedies of Ernst Lubitsch and Max Ophuls as influences along with Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes From a Marriage . “It’s totally crazy and heightened,” Baumbach noted of the Bergman film, which also influenced Baumbach’s kindred spirit, Woody Allen. “You would say, ‘I connect so strongly with this, it feels totally true and real to me,’ and [yet] it’s moving in this theatrical world, if you actually think of that.”

Given that Baumbach went to great pains to shoot the film (on Super 16) like a comedy, one can understand why he gets prickly when he’s asked if his dialogue is improvised. “That’s why I feel insulted when people refer to things as documentary-like or improvised, “ he said of his films. “I think I’m going for some total artifice here.”

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